Our Baskets

  • Basket for 2 to share – 15€ / person.

    Our contemporary version of the picnic: refined, practical and made from local products.

  • Basket for 2 to share – 30€ / person.

    An even more gourmet picnic, always made from local products.

  • Serves 10 – 15 people for an appetizer.

    Our cocktail version of the picnic. An assortment of 120 savoury and sweet pieces, perfect for a dinner aperitif or a company event.

    Assortment 12 wraps, 12 veggie burgers, 24 turkey club sandwich with curry cream, 30 skewers of tomato mozzarella, 30 fruits skewers, 12 slices of lemon  cake.

  • Serves 15 – 20 people for an appetizer

    Our gourmet picnic cocktail is made up of 144 savoury and sweet pieces, perfect for a dinner aperitif or an event.

    Assortment 12 mini wraps, 12 Veggie burgers, 30 cocktail skewers with crayfish tails, 30 slices of mini pâté en croute with foie gras, 30 macaroons, 30 fruit skewers.

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Our philosophy

At Casual Picnic, we believe that food is a source of pleasure, authenticity, respect for people and the environment.

Our baskets specifications :

  •     Gourmet : simple products that have taste, recipes with a touch of originality and baskets to share in a friendly atmosphere.
  •     Healthy: fresh products made to order, without preservatives, local and seasonal food with, of course, vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  •     Responsible: we mainly source short circuit from talented local suppliers that they are small producers, craftsmen, startups and we work in partnership with an ESAT (Establishments and Services of Help by Work) because we believe that solidarity gives a special flavor to gastronomy.

Finally, we act to limit the impact of our activity on the environment by limiting the use of packaging, using packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials and by favoring reusable materials.

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