Premium Cocktail Box


Serves 10 – 15 people for an appetizer.

Our cocktail version of the picnic. An assortment of 120 savoury and sweet pieces, perfect for a dinner aperitif or a company event.

Assortment 12 wraps, 12 veggie burgers, 24 turkey club sandwich with curry cream, 30 skewers of tomato mozzarella, 30 fruits skewers, 12 slices of lemon  cake.

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  • Assortment 12 wraps (Boursin & ham / Smoked salmon & seaweed mustard / Fresh cheese & basil tomato tartar)
  • 12 veggie burgers
  • 24 turkey club sandwich with curry cream
  • 30 skewers of tomato mozzarella
  • 30 fruits skewers
  • 12 slices of lemon  cake
 Allergens Assortment of mini wraps: Gluten, Egg, Mustard, Fish, Sulfites, Milk. Mini vegetable burgers: Gluten, Sesame, Milk. Mini Nordic clubs: Gluten, Egg, Mustard. Mozzarella tomato skewers: Milk. Lemon cake: Gluten, Egg, Milk.